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Discover the freedom, thrill and fun of kitesurfing with Freeride Tarifa.

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Kitesurfing lessons

We strongly believe anyone can give kitesurfing a go. Our approach is fun, professional and personal. Our experienced and certified IKO instructors can tailor lessons to match your individual needs, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or seasoned expert.

Cursos de kite 6h 9h 15h
Grupo 4 personas 135€ 185€ 300€
Grupo 2 Personas 165€ 230€ 375€
Privado 4h 6h 10h
210€ 300€ 500€

Kitesurfing supervision – 1 hour 25€
If you’re familiar with the kiting basics, but you’re not quite ready to go it alone, we also offer kitesurfing supervision.

Stand Up Paddle lessons – 1 hour 25€


It is a good way to get familiar with nautical sports. Easy to learn, it enable to enjoy directly being on the water. In contrary to normal surf, you do not need lot of practice to stand up on the board and have fun. Therefore it is accessible to every public.

Brand Naish kitesurfing rental


We supply a host of Naish kites, boards and accessories that are ready for you to rent.
In order to rent with us, you need to be able to at least ride constantly upwind, recover your board in body drag and relaunch your kite from the water without any problem.
we’ll need to see a card certifying your level (such as an IKO certification). If you don’t have such a card, there’s a 15€ surcharge for us to personally check your level.

Ride & Stay
Kitesurfing pack
You’re looking for fun, sport activities and plenty natural beauty? In this camp you will learn, easily and safely, the best practices to adopt in kitesurfing with our professional and IKO certified instructors with Brand new Naish equipment.


La Torre low season middle season high season
Pack kite 4 pers/familial room 9h kite/3 noches 963€ 1031€ 1098€
2 pers/twin 563€ 603€ 657€
1 pers/ single 6h kite/3 noches 378€ 405€ 473€
4 pers/familial room 15h kite/6 noches 1674€ 1809€ 1944€
2 pers/twin 972€ 1053€ 1161€
1 pers/ single 10h kite/6 noches 666€ 720€ 855€




>> Use the one in blue highlights with a 10% discount to be more attractive and more interested to take directly a package with kite lessons than just take a room with kite lessons. This will means 5% discount on both part (Hotel la torre and freeride)

Wellbeing pack
This pack will help you keep fit and recover your strength, build positive energy and gain flexibility practicing a morning wellbeing activity such as yoga, stretching or pilates (depending the day) and a kitesurfing class on the afternoon.

Adventure pack
If you are eager of new experiences this pack will diversify your stay with a discovery activity on the morning (Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Yoga, Horse riding or Quad) and a kitesurfing class on the afternoon for a challenging and fun adventure.