Tarifa with it’s uniqueness between two natural parks, two seas located on the most beautiful beaches in Europe, offers its visitors a wide range of activities suitable for all interests and ages.

Tarifa y alrededores

Athletes here have an option for everything.
Here you will find the best beaches for the sport of surfing, but also diving is very popular around the island of Tarifa.
At Betis, a few kilometers from Tarifa, walls can bed scale with stunning views and there are enough routes in the parks for hiking and mountain biking.
Lovers of horses can combine gallops along the long beaches with walks by the adjacent forests.

Anyone looking for nature in its purest form here’s an oasis within Europe, where many species of animals and plants are concentrated.
Tarifa attracts every year thousands of international birdwatchers to observe the migration of birds from Europe on their journey to or from Africa. As the distance between the two continents is only 13km, tarifa is the resting place for many important for birds during their migrations.
In the Strait of Gibraltar many sea mammals like dolphins and whales can be seen throughout the year.
Many native plants and animal species, and also anthropomorphic tombs that are up to 10,000 years old and rock paintings can be seen on the routes in the national parks.

Strolling through the old town of Tarifa, which belongs to the route of the white villages, discovered something new in almost every corner of the narrow streets.
But also large monuments such as Guzmán el Bueno Castle, several churches, the old prison that today serves as an art gallery, the Town Hall square and the Miramar viewpoint perish a visit.
In the nearby village of Bologna you can visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, where the way of life of that time can be understood perfectly.

A trip to Morocco is also an excellent possibility to spend a day.
As the distance between Tarifa and Morocco is only 13 km, you can visit the Moroccan city of Tangier with the fast ferry for a few hours to get an impression of the culture.
For tours to Morocco should take into account that it is necessary to carry the passport with a validity of at least 6 months at the time of the entry into the country.

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