Whale and Dolphin Watching


Marine mammals in the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa

Tarifa not only has a wide range of sports and culture, but also a large number of activities in nature.

delfines tarifa
In the Strait of Gibraltar, where the distance between Tarifa and Morocco is only 13 km, watching dolphins and whales is relatively easy. Tarifa already has become one of the most important in Europe for research and protection of cetaceans such as dolphins and whales. Several companies and international foundations, in close collaboration with marine biologists, studying the behavior and the number of existing examples of these fascinating animals and provide separate sightseeing tours for whale and dolphin watching.
calderones tarifaThanks to its long experience you can be guaranteed at least dolphins, but with a bit of luck you can also see whales. The duration of the tours varies between 2 hours and 2 hours and a half.
Although local carriers strictly follow all the rules of safety and laws like the minimum distances, mostly dolphins usually come by choice to the boats and offer viewers a sample of their acrobatic skills.
During the boat trip can be seen at first a marvelous view of Tarifa and the coast.
Already a few meters from the port you can see several species of seabirds and also Sunfish can be seen from time to time on the surface of the sea.

Some species such as the common dolphin, striped dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin live year-round in the Strait in front of tarifa and are relatively easy to find.

Also the pilot whales, pilot whales, are visible throughout the year and are easy to watch from nearby.

During the season of migration of tuna, between July and September, orcas, or killer whales, become the main attraction of the tours. Orca whale watching, normally between 3 and 3 hours and a half.

With luck you can find examples of sperm whales and minke whales, which are the planet’s second largest animal. Both species of whale are hard to find and therefore a wonderful experience if you’re lucky to see one.

Many operators stop the service of tourist sightings between November and February. As it is watching wild animals in their natural environment, the excursions are highly dependent on weather conditions. Both with strong winds  trips are not possible. For this reason it is more advisable to book once you come to Tarifa, and also confirmed reservations must be re-confirmed a few hours before departure. At the reception of hotel La Torre, we can make reservations and re-confirm for you.