Scuba diving in Tarifa

anemonas tarifaIn Tarifa, in the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and Atlantic merge.
This Strait was created by the movement of geological plates, which can be found here. Thus was formed a unique underwater world rich in flora and fauna.

In addition much of the Strait to the Parque Natural del Estrecho is a protected area, which facilitates the sighting of animals and plants.

The best areas for diving are around the Island of Tarifa. In these waters, with an average of 15 meters visibility, you can see both near the shore and water deep fish such as sea bream, red mullet, sole, Sunfish, Grouper but also sea turtles, shells, slugs and shells, Star starfish, seahorses, sea urchins, squid and many species of algae.

Tarifa has a mild climate throughout the year, which is the same for the water temperature. So there are just no restrictions due to the time of the year.
For beginners tarifa is the ideal place to learn to dive, since baptism is performed directly into the sea in the Bay between the island and the beach.
For divers, expert local schools offer daily dives from boats, during which you can dive to sunken ships.

Gallineta tarifaFor diving, it must be taken into account that a large part of the sea belongs to the Natural Park, which entails strict rules with respect to fishing, but also for diving. It is necessary to follow the instructions of local schools.

Diving schools are qualified with certified instructors and offer courses for all PADI licensing.
Diving is a risk sport and must present a medical certificate to carry out courses. This certificate can be obtained in Tarifa.
Dives and equipment rental you must present valid diving license.