Rock Climbing



Rock climbing in Tarifa, Betis

Practice climbing in the Natural Park of the Strait in Betis it is a beautiful spot to enjoy nature.
From the hotel you can see the mountain of San Bartolo and Betis behind the dune of Punta Paloma. Here are several climbing areas.

Escalada San Bartolo TarifaBetis is reached from the hotel in a few minutes on the national road. Just after the intersection of Punta Paloma,it is the exit to Betis on the left side, only signaled by two white pillars.
Drive carefully on this narrow road, since it tends to be frequented by many cyclists and visibility of the road is very limited, due to the numerous curves.
Climb the mountain and turn in the road above on the right.
When you reach the first houses you can look for a place to park.

From here you can enjoy the best views of the area to tarifa and Africa.

Escalada en TarifaThere are two climbing areas in Betis.

Directly above the first parking is the area of San BartoloZona de Arriba.
This climbing area is the cliff that is isolated from the rest of the mountain and is clearly visible from the parking lot.
There are routes for all levels.
On these walls climbing is allowed throughout the year.

A little later the Tagus from the OWL zone is located.
This area is located attached to the large rocks of Mount San Bartolo and you reach it on small roads.
This area is very popular, but must take into account that climbing is prohibited between March and August.
The reason: San Bartolo and Betis are in the middle of the natural park, and precisely in these walls live and nesting many birds, especially vultures, which requires special protection in this area.

But as many climbing routes can be found at San BartoloZona above this prohibition during certain seasons in the pit of the OWL this is not seen as something negative by climbers, but as a necessary protective measure for the conservation of the fauna of the Park.

Thanks to the large number and variety of climbing walls, tarifa is not only for expert climbers a place of dreams, but also an ideal place for beginners to learn this sport, or a good alternative for surfers on days without wind.