Our cuisine

verdura de nuestro própio huerto


As we always use fresh products from the area, some of our dishes on the menu can vary, since they depend on season and market.
Here is a small selection of the most praised dishes by our customers:

Our meats include:
• Sirloin and RetintaEntrecot and other breeds
  of local stock
• Sirloin and other products from Iberian pigs
  reared in freedom in the fields of rate
• Lamb from our neighboring community
  of Extremadura. The lamb is cooked oven baked.

The fresh fish from tarifa and seafood include, depending on the season:
• Bluefin tuna, captured by the method of millenary tradition of the Almadraba in front
  of the coast of Tarifa
• the sole fish from the beaches of Tarifa
• Juicy sea bass of somewhat deeper waters
• Sea bream and giltheaded bream, from the Strait of Gibraltar
• Groupers from the depths with its unmistakable aroma and texture
• Squid caught between waters of Morocco and Tarifa

Separately, we offer a wide selection of hot and cold starters.
The Favorites of our customers are:
• Iberian cured ham locally bred
• Local cheeses
• Assortments of homemade croquettes
• Artichoke hearts
• Various types of salads and pastas, original, creative and very tasty

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