Our Hotel

Hotel La Torre, spacious rooms with all the comforts for an unforgettable stay.

All rooms feature private bathroom, air conditioning and heating, Flat screen TV, free WIFI, telephone, desk, a large wardrobe and mirror.
The bathrooms are equipped with hair dryer and bathing products.
Safes can be rented on request.

For all guests there is private and free parking.
The hotel also offers a room to safeguard luggage, bikes or surf equipment free of charge.

At the hotel you can find many options to keep you entertained.
In the reception area there is a TV and a computer at the disposal of guests.
The gardens and the panoramic terrace, an area with deck chairs for sunbathing, Jacuzzi and a sauna.

In reception you can obtain detailed information about national parks, surrounding areas and Tarifa and book activities such as windsurf, kitesurf, diving, hiking, climbing, mountain bike, sightings of whales and dolphins, ornithology, horse-riding and trips to Morocco.

The hotel is situated in a historic place, where the famous Battle of Salado took place:

Historia del lugar Hotel La Torre TarifaAt the end of the 13th century in a new political power has settled in North Africa: the Barber corsairs. In 1275 passed the Strait landing at Tarifa, to ravage the Christian Andalusia.

For 30 years in the 14th century the Muslims maintained their focus on the Peninsula, the emir of Morocco Abum-l-Hassan began to transport troops to Algeciras. The threat was true and clear. So King Alfonso XI of Castilla recognized him.

Tarifa remained under siege but defended courageously, thanks to the heroism of its defenders led by the warden Juan Alonso de Benavides. Sunday, October 29th, 1340 came the Christian army led by the Kings of Castile and Portugal. They decided to present in a plain that is near the Hart penalty, “today known by the tower”, only a few kilometres from Tarifa and in view of its adversaries. They decided to start the battle the next day, but before and following a business plan hatched by Juan Manuel, he quietly sent a detachment of thousand riders to Tarifa square. The idea is that they could, in the course of the imminent battle, attacking Muslims in their rear, as in fact what happened.

The vanguard troops had to wade the Creek of Salado, but troops responsible for its passage is was decided before many Moorish troops opposed. Indecision was broken by the brothers Laso de la Vega, the hardest remaining crossed a small bridge after wading the stream. The rest of the troop saw this and realized that their King ruled, they launched the attack across the river Salado.

The battle of Salado footprint is still alive in our country. The banners that captured theMuslims, are exhibited in the Cathedral of Toledo. The political and military consequences of the battle of el Salado were enormous. “That victory meant the end of the North African attacks.”