The migrations of birds in Tarifa

cigüeñas blancas migracionFor many yearsTarifa attracts birdwatchers from around the world to observe the migration of European birds.
Tarifa is located at the southernmost tip of Europe, in the Strait of Gibraltar.
As the narrow, with only 13km of distance between Europe and Africa, as the shortest connection between the two continents, Tarifa is one of the best places to observe these birds.

But not only the short distance, but also the tarifan environment is a major reason for the birds to choose tarifa as their final resting place before continuing their journey toward the South: Tarifa is located between two natural parks, the Parque Natural del Estrecho and los Alcornocales Natural Park. In addition, many wetlands located along the coast, are protected as natural landscapes and thus ensure safe rest for migratory birds.

Migrations take place in spring and autumn, although in recent years, probably due to global warming, the dates have been advanced slightly.

Hotel La Torre has his own viewpoint to watch the birds.
But there are also many viewpoints for observing, a few kilometres from the hotel.

Close to the hotel for the bird watching points and most important routes are:

Viewpoint of Cazalla, located on the N340 direction Algeciras, is one of the best observatories between June and October. From there you have an overview over the Strait and all the fields in the area. Here you see large flocks of white and black storks (CiconiaCiconia and Ciconianigra), black kites (Milvusmigrans), honey buzzards (Pernisapivorus), short-toed (Circaetusgallicus), booted eagles (Aquila pennata), hawks (Accipiter nisus) and a large number of other birds of prey.

Another important point is the island of Tarifa, Isla de Las Palomas. Here are mostly seabirds going between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The best dates are March/April and October/November. Here the Shearwater (Calonectrisdiomedea), the Balearic Shearwater (Puffinusmauretanicus), alcatraz (Morusbassanus), Razorbills (Alcatorda), Puffin (Fraterculaarctica), several species of gulls and terns. Access to the island should request a special permit at the barracks of the Guardia Civil de Tarifa in advance.
Alternatively, if you do not get permission, there are the viewpoints of the Los Lances and tarifa-Guadalmesí trails.

buitre leonado en Tarifa
In addition, there are good points of observation in Betis, Facinas and the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Luz. Here can be seen vultures, vultures, storks, bee-eaters and many species of birds of prey including the nightingale and many songbirds.
Also in places further such as Barbate, Vejer de la Frontera, Algeciras and San Fernando near Cádiz until there are many wetlands and salt mines that attract many species of birds.