Natural Park of the Strait



Tarifa is located in the Parque Natural del Estrecho.

playas de tarifa y marruecosFrom 2012 Hotel La Torre is registered as an official Park information point, and thus member of the EUROPARC Federation and the European Charter for sustainable tourism.
The 18.931 2 km from the Natural Park of the Strait include both coastal and adjacent forests, as much sea of the Strait of Gibraltar, both in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the most important point for all European migratory birds. Here they find a safe place to rest and feed before their long journey to Africa and on their return after having crossed the desert and the ocean. The annual migrations take place in spring and autumn and offer a show in the air, water and land.

Part of the natural park Marina:
costa mediterranea parque natual del estrechoAlthough Greek mythology says that the Strait,between Africa and Europe was created by Hercules, we know that the union between the two continents was opened and closed several times throughout history due to the movements of geological plates, the last time 6 million years ago.
Due to the constant sharing of waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in the Strait of Gibraltar has created an underwater world, unique, rich in plants and animals. The Strait serves many marine animals as “highway” between two seas.
Migratory animals include tuna, which both attract orcas. But in the Strait also live sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and a large number of crustaceans and mollusks’, seahorses, starfish, sea urchins, anemones and fragile algae, indicating the high quality of the water.
Man also used this natural channel since ancient times for transport and trade. Divers can admire not only a unique underwater world, but also sunken ships at the bottom of the sea.

parque natural estrecho atlántico

The terrestrial part of the natural park:
Inland nature park extends from Getares Beach in Algeciras to grace Cape between Bologna and Sahara de los Atunes.
You can clearly see the difference between the Mediterranean coast, from Getares to Tarifa, and the Atlantic, from Tarifa to Cabo de Gracia, formations and vegetation.

The Mediterranean is mostly a rocky coastal area with cliffs and small coves with impressive formations along the rocky shores. Here grow mostly cactus, cabbage trees, herbs and flowers and shrubs and isolated trees.

Paraje natural Los LancesIn the Atlantic, we find long beaches of fine white sand. Directly on the shore are several wetlands that serve especially birds, but also insects and small mammals as a resting place, for breeding and as a source of food. Here grow rare reeds, and grass.
A short distance from the coast they grow, according to area, pines, olive trees, eucalyptus, junipers, Gum trees, Jürgen and different daffodils and magnolias.
In forests live several species of animals such as birds, birds of prey, insects, reptiles and small mammals as foxes, hedgehogs, Martins, genets and even Mongoose, or mongooses, who in Europe only are represented here and show the proximity of Africa and the expansion of the species between the two continents.

Throughout the park there are strict rules for the protection of animals and plants. For diving you should contact local schools. Fishing is strictly regulated, and in some areas completely prohibited. On the beaches and trails that cross the park is expected to be a respectable behavior in tune with nature.