Holiday on the endless beaches of Tarifa

The reason the majority of visitors to tarifa is perhaps the long beaches of fine white sand. These beaches are largely within the natural park and practically Virgin. The paradisiacal beaches of Tarifa are lined with forests, hills and fields and thus guarantee a total relaxation with views to the ocean and Africa.

There are also some sections of beach more Rocky that invite you to stroll and offer un-crowded coves for sunbathing even in high season. 50m in front of the Hotel La Torre there is one of these beaches, which can be comfortably reached on foot.

Playa de bolonia TarifaValdevaqueros beach is about 1km north of the hotel.
This beach is the most popular among practitioners of windsurfing and kite-surfing and has been so spread over area of surfing and bathing area. Here are several bars for eating and drinking. Valdevaqueros beach is in a Bay that bounded by a large sand dune. The dune and the surrounding pine forests are highly appreciated for a walk. At the end of the Bay, Punta Paloma, is a mountain of healing mud which is very healthy for the skin. It is usually found by people strolling along this greenish grey mud colored shoreline.

Behind the tip follow the beach to Bologna (approx. 5km). But here we find small and quiet coves that are separated by rock formations. Here some more protected place can be found also on windy days and this shore walks are a wonderful experience enjoying the dune with its vegetation and geological formations. As this area can only be reached on foot, is still completely un-spoilt.

Playa Los Lances Tarifa
Then, about 7 km from the hotel, start the beach of Bologna.
Bologna is the most famous bathing beach of Spain and busy in summer. Also in summer, many restaurants and bars. In winter the village and the beach are very quiet, but extraordinarily beautiful.
From a distance you can see the impressive dune, which has been declared a natural monument. The ruins of Baelo Claudia, a Roman city whose ruins can be visited, we found on the beach at the foot of the dune.
Direction Punta Palomaare the natural pools and the nudist beach.

From the hotel going in the other direction, approximately 1 km towards tarifa, we find the longest beach of Tarifa, Los Lances.
This beach is divided by the river Jara Los Lances North and Los Lances South. Los Lances North is one of the most popular kitesurfing beaches while the beach of Los Lances South is bathing area. Los Lances reaches the island of Las Palomas, within the town of Tarifa. Here this point is more to the South of Europe, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet.

On the other side of the island is the small Cove of Playa Chica, which belongs to the Mediterranean.