Horse Riding



Learn about Tarifa on horseback

Tarifa culture always has been closely linked to horses.
Tarifa horses are usually mounted purebred Spanish or Andalusian, which have a reputation around the world for their beauty, strength and nobility.
But also Arabs and crosses can be found.

Most of the local stables offer both the traditional saddle, Cowgirl and the classic mount, according to the preference of the rider.

galopada anochecer TarifaTarifa’s beaches invite you to gallop. Best times are early in the morning or in the afternoon shortly before sunset.
But Tarifa not only offers beaches.
Surrounded by natural parks there are infinite paths through the mountains and forests, where is enjoyed not only the ride but also a nature and unique culture.

Preferable areas are La Peña, Paloma, Betis and Bologna. Here it is easy to combine, on long routes, beaches, forests and mountains for a varied and interesting ride. In the mountains between Paloma and Bolonia, you can find as well as the wonderful ancient views, anthropomorphic tombs and the old Roman quarry, which was used for the construction of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia in Bologna.

The professional guides lead the majority of routes directly along the beach and trails of fields and forests, or fields of grass for a completely natural experience.

As Tarifa is on the rise as destination for holiday on horseback it is recommended to book routes in advance.
Some routes are demanding, determine your level of Mount in advanced as a general condition to participate in the routes, but others also provide routes from 1 hour to which it is not necessary to have previous experience.

For choosing the best stable for your needs, we are at your disposal.