Windsufing and Kitesurfing


Tarifa, the capital of surf in Europe

Whether you prefer surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, Tarifa is ideal for all water sports.

surf TarifaIn Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain, there are long beaches several kilometres of fine white sand that offers, for both beginners and professionals the best conditions.
For this reason, tarifa is chosen every year as host to several international competitions and many former world champions have turned this place into their adoptive homeland.

Pleasant temperatures throughout the year, which in summer rarely exceed 35 ° and in winter do not tend to drop below 10c, which means all year offer perfect conditions.
Tarifa is also famous for its strong wind. Although the wind can blow from any direction are predominant here two winds:

windsurf tarifa

Coming from Africa usually brings heat and usually blows for several days or even weeks without interruption. LightLevante offers more stable conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but when it comes accompanied by strong gusts above all beginners must act with prudence. If the wind is too strong, sometimes move towards the Mediterranean coast towards Algeciras, where the wind speed is usually down several knots.

Kitesurf tarifaPoniente
Coming from the Atlantic blows towards land and brings big waves.
The fresh air of this wind can be seen above all in summer.
The West tends to be softer than the East Coast and is therefore best suited for beginners, but also professionals have with this wind and waves that it involves optimal conditions.

The best beaches for kitesurfing and windsurfing are Los Lances North and Valdevaqueros.
The side of the Atlantic of the Isla de lasPalomas in Tarifa, is most popular for surfing since there the best waves are formed.

For safety reasons all the beaches have been divided into swimming and surfing area.
This separation is clearly visible by signs on the beaches and have kept strict especially in high season to avoid accidents.